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Basic information

  • Target audience: Anyone interested about the topic
  • Application period: 30.11.2022-14.2.2023
  • Date: 1.3.2023-12.5.2023
  • Scope: 5 ECTS
  • Location: Online
  • Price: 75 €

Course content

The (Corporate Social Responsibility) study unit consists of the following modules:

  1. Orientation
  2. Environmental responsibility
  3. Social responsibility
  4. Economic responsibility
  5. CSR Report (teamwork)

You are able to study the first three modules (Environmental, Social and Economic responsibility) independently and at your own pace. These modules must be done in numerical order and they are assessed automatically. In these modules you will learn the basic principles of environmental, social and economic responsibility in business operations.

In the last module of the course you will collaborate in teams to analyse and come up with recommendations for improving sustainability in a case organisation's operations. Please study also the group work assignment already in the beginning so that you can start to form a team and to find a suitable company to analyse.

In addition to the assignments given in the modules, you will also keep a Learning Diary throughout the study unit. Please follow carefully the guidance for the Learning Diary.

Skills you will gain

  • analyze environmental, social and economic responsibilities in service business
  • develop sustainable practises in organisations


There are no contact lessons during this study unit. You will work online, both individually and in teams.

  • Orientation module will be in Canvas.
  • No meetings at school or in Teams.
  • No calendar reservations.
  • 5 credits on students' own time.
  • CSR Report will be carried out in teams.
  • CSR due date to return will be the last day of the study unit May12th 2023.


The study unit will be evaluated based on your individual assignments, CSR Report and Learning Diary in the following way.

  • Environmental responsibility, individual work
  • Social Responsibility, individual work
  • Economic Responsibility, individual work

Each above mentioned individual modules are evaluated automatically as described below
You need to mark instructions completed, score at least 5 points from the Quizz, contribute to discussion area and return Learning Diary based on that module
CSR Report, team work (40%), maximum 50 points.
Learning Diary, individual work (60%), maximum 50 points.

Your individual input to discussions will be taken into consideration when calculating your final grade. Both Learning Diary and CSR Report must be done to pass the course. For the final evaluation following Laurea Grading Scheme is used.

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