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Information about the impact of the war in Ukraine

On this page we gather information about the effects of the Ukrainian war on Laurea's operations. We update the page regularly.

Laurea University of Applied Sciences expresses its support for Ukraine together with other Universities of Applied Sciences and condemns Russia's hostilities in Ukraine in accordance with both the Finnish state and the EU.

Both Ukrainians and Russians study at Laurea. For the time being, we will not make any new commitments or start new co-operation projects with Russian organizations, and we will assess the conditions for the continuation of existing commitments in this new situation, as a result of which e.g. a key partnership with Teboil has been terminated.

Naturally, we support all our students and want to ensure that they all have peace of study, even though the state of war in Europe now worries everyone. At Laurea, therefore, we do not tolerate any kind of hate speech or harassment.

Student welfare at Laurea

Every student has the right to a safe learning environment and a sense of security in the learning community. Laurea is an educational institution where there is no room for discrimination and belittling. Laurea is politically and religiously non-aligned.

Students at Laurea are supported by a study psychologist, school priests and other wellbeing services. Students can use nationwide crisis services such as

Student mental health, Home - Nyyti ry

Finnish Mental Health, crisis phone, MIELI ry

Sekasin-chat /

Preparing to support war victims

The Ministry of Education and Culture has prepared a support package that will provide study opportunities for those fleeing the war in Ukraine at Finnish universities. The polytechnics have agreed to proceed on one front in accordance with the basic blocks of the Ministry of Education's proposal. 

The educational services provided by Universities of Applied Sciences are shaped on the basis of the needs of Ukrainians. The needs assessment is supported by the SIMHE responsible universities (Arcada, Karelia, Metropolia, Oamk, Savonia and TAMK), for which separate support is planned. In addition to online studies, contact studies, guidance and counseling services that support studies and integration into Finland, as well as the opportunity to use the facilities of Universities of Applied Sciences and dine on campuses are offered.

The aim is for the universities to draw up a common policy on exempting students selected as students from tuition fees for humanitarian reasons by awarding them a scholarship equivalent to the tuition fee.

Studies offered for those fleeing the war in Ukraine

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The policy of the Arena of the Rector's Council of Polytechnics (in Finnish only)

Policy of the Ministry of Education and Culture

Accessibility, equality and non-discrimination Plan

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