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Accessibility, equality and non-discrimination plan

The purpose of the accessibility, equality and non-discrimination plan is to identify the goals and define the measures for promoting accessibility in work, studies and the learning environment as well as the equal treatment of members of the higher education community.

The goal of the measures is to promote the equality of all members of the higher education community at Laurea University of Applied Sciences as well as the physical, psychological, social and pedagogical accessibility of functions and facilities in a target-oriented, systematic manner throughout the entire employment relationship or studies.

The accessibility, equality and non-discrimination plan is part of Laurea’s quality system, and it guides the operations in coordination with the ethical guidelines and Laurea’s rules and regulations.

The programme is based on the following principles:

Laurea does not tolerate discrimination, harassment or bullying

A person or a group of people will not be treated unequally by anyone based on an opinion, characteristic or background. At Laurea, we respect the culture and religion of members of the higher education community. The goal is to establish mutually respectful interaction and a positive atmosphere by accepting diversity. We do not tolerate behaviour that is against the law, agreements or good manners.

Students are treated equally and non-discriminatingly throughout their study paths

Equal and non-discriminating treatment and services are realised through the joint electronic entrance examinations of universities of applied sciences, the development of physical and digital learning environments and the improvement of teaching, counselling and student services. The individual needs of students and alternative implementation methods are taken into consideration in the activities.

Personnel are treated equally and non-discriminatingly in recruitment and at different stages of employment

Laurea’s recruitment practices are up to date, and there are established recruitment processes and guidelines in place. The recruitment practices are prepared in cooperation and discussed in the Laurea Cooperation Advisory Board. This ensures that recruitment of personnel is always open, equal and non-discriminatory, and up-to-date recruitment practices ensure Laurea’s diversity and equal treatment of minorities. Equality and fairness in the work community are promoted through high-quality orientation and internal supervisor training. Behaviour that violates equality or non-discrimination in the work community will always be addressed. The personnel are informed in both Finnish and English.

Laurea is an accessible and inclusive place to work and study

The facilities, electronic systems, learning and working environments, teaching and working methods and atmosphere of the higher education institution enable the inclusion and equality of members of the higher education community with diverse personal characteristics and life situations. Laurea is an inclusive higher education institution. Laurea’s studying and working languages are Finnish and English. All student and personnel services are available in Finnish and English. Instructions are available in both Finnish and English. Teaching/study units will always be held in English if this has been announced beforehand.

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