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Laurea ServiceDesk

Servicedesk support service provided by the IT-services of Laurea University of Applied Sciences helps students and staff with acute IT-related problems. If necessary, we will direct the request to other support service experts.

Contact details and Opening hours

Opening hours: Weekdays 8am - 4pm, summertime 9am-3pm

on-call hours: 9am - 3pm

Portal (with Laurea user ID):

Portal for other users:

Phone: +358 (9) 8868 7112


Note. Please book an appointment in advance if you need local support. This ensures that you receive the service when you need it.

Service Interruptions

User accounts

New students

Activate your user account before starting your studies! Find the instructions here.

Change or reset password

IT-services will send you a reminder by e-mail when it's time for you to change your password, the password has to be changed once every 12 months. You can also change your password even if you haven't received a reminder. If the password isn't changed in time, the account will be locked and you can't use it to access Laurea's network or e-mail anymore. 

Change or reset your password (requires personal Finnish Bank user ID)

NOTE! If you get an error message from your BANK www-pages (you are not redirected to Laurea IAM portal) it might mean that you don't have an agreement that provides identification (even though you have bankID). If that's the case you must contact your Bank if you want to update your contract. You  can then reset the password from Service Desk or Student Office.

Keep your username and password secure from other people.

User account for visitors

Laurea user management portal is

If you have a Finnish Bank ID and your Finnish social security number has been saved in Laurea IAM, you can activate your account in IAM portal. Other wise you will get a username and password from your contact person in Laurea. This first time password can be set to another in Laurea computer or for example in Student intra from your own device.

How to send encrypted e-mail to Laurea >

Logging in

Permission to use the services is granted electronically in accordance to account activation, after the user has accepted these rules.

The user account name is a unique string of characters with which the user is authenticated in the system. The password is a string of characters which is used to ensure that the correct person is using the user account. The user account and password are personal and should not be given to anyone else. Everyone is responsible for any abuse done with their own user account.

The staff accounts are valid for the duration of the person's contract. The student accounts on the other hand are valid for the duration of their studies. Any abuse can lead to disabling of the account.

You can use some systems also outside Laurea network, for example from your home computer. Or you can use them on mobile devices, if system supports mobile user interfaces.

If you cannot login, please allow the system about 30 minutes to refresh itself before contacting ServiceDesk.

  • Student email 

    Direct link

    More information available in ServiceDesk portal

  • Login into Laurea systems from home computer 

    All Laurea systems use the same Laurea username and password when ever possible. Your username is or studentnumber without any additional characters. Always log out and close the browser when you are not logged in to your personal computer.

  • Haka login 

    Haka is the identity federation of the Finnish universities, universities of Applied sciences and research institutions with more than 290 000 end users. Users are able to access federation services using a single user account and password. User identities are provided by the users home organizations.

    1) Click the haka-login button

    2) Choose Laurea-ammattikorkeakoulu (home organization)

    3) When needed use the Laurea username and password

  • How to accept intivation to a Canvas course 

    You need to accept invitation to a Canvas course in order to access the work space and start studying. 

    Read instructions how to accept the invitation received by e-mail. 

  • Canvas Login 

    When you are a Laurea student, activate the Laurea ID before logging on to the Canvas learning platform If you are a student at another Finnish university, you can alternatively use the Haka ID of your own organization by registering it on the Canvas login page. 

    If you want to give course feedback in Laurean Pakki, you need Laurea's ID. Access to the library's licensed e-materials are university-specific. You may need a Laurea ID for e-materials for which your own university does not have a license. For more information on the materials, if necessary, contact the teacher in charge of the course.

  • Registering other UAS account to Canvas 

    If you study at one of these:  
    Arcada, HAMK, KAMK, Karelia, LAB, OAMK, Savonia, SeAMK, TAMK, XAMK

    • Open Canvas log in (
    • Choose HAKA-login and “Please register your Haka account first”
    • NOTE! You need to give your SSN when asked, it will be used to match your account to your personal information in Laureas study registry.


    Other UAS:

Multifactor authentication is used when accessing Laureas online services like intranet, OneDrive or Teams.

Read instructions of multifactor authentication 

Student Affairs Offices

The Student Affairs Offices serve the students on all Laurea Campuses.

Read more about student affairs offices