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Coherent security

The starting point of Laurea's security research programme is the interdependence of internal and external security in a situation where the national and international security environment is constantly changing.

Our goal is to develop security solutions that meet society's needs. Our strength lies in diverse expertise in various aspects of security, and we employ a comprehensive and cross-sectoral approach rather than traditional one  sector approach.  This allows us to quickly respond to the evolving security environment’s needs and to develop new solutions at both national and international levels. 

 We have strong competence in following research areas: 

  • Border and maritime security
  • Emergency services
  • Risk and crisis management (including resilience)
  • Hybrid threats
  • Critical Infrastructure protection, resilience in society
  • Crime prevention, countering radicalization and extremism
  • Cybersecurity and specific issues related to corporate security. 

Additionally, education institutions’ safety and the development of education in security and risk management are part of Laurea's RDI activities as well as developing services to cities and regions needs. 

Collaboration is central to our operations, and we closely cooperate with research institutions, authorities, businesses, cities, and regions.  

At the moment, we focus on several key themes, such as: 

  • Tailoring user-centric solutions for future technologies, including the use of artificial intelligence in extensive data analysis for risk identification.
  • The impact of climate change on security, including new forms of crime involving refugees as target and amplifiers of crime
  • Hybrid threats; we are developing information sharing platforms to counter disinformation
  • Ways to empower resilience in society during unexpected crisis, including new communication collaboration models and technological solutions for information exchange between authorities. 

Our security RDI activities are heavily based on co-creation, where together with key stakeholders, we aim to find the necessary solutions. Our specific expertise also includes the evaluation of risk management and the development of operational methods through comprehensive evaluation, as well as multifaceted assessments of operational effectiveness. 

Laurea's security research also emphasizes ethical considerations, such as the compatibility of solutions with required ethical perspectives and data protection regulations. Ethical competence is an integral part of our strong security research expertise. 

We actively participate in several international and national security networks, including, for example  European Organization for Security, European Cyber Security Organization, European Security and Defence College, Public Safety Communications Europe, Universities in Arctic, Finnish Water Forum, Finnish Information Security Cluster.

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R&D -projects

We are currently running many interesting research projects in the field of Security.

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