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Coherent security

The RDI performed in Laurea's Coherent Security Research Programme provides national and international research and innovation solutions that support the implementation of civil security in cooperation with authorities, companies, regions, research actors and organisations.

In the RDI in security and safety, Laurea's goal and strength is taking a multidisciplinary approach to security challenges and risks instead of resorting to traditional sectoral thinking. This also opens up opportunities for finding solutions to everyday problems with new operators in a rapidly changing operating environment,  in areas including but not limited to security challenges in urban infrastructure, safe living at home for the elderly, asymmetric hybrid threats and digital information exchange services for citizens in the event of disruptions.

Various forms of co-creation play a key role in Laurea's R&D activities. Laurea's core competences in the field of security research include risk management assessment, the development of operating methods through comprehensive evaluation, and the holistic assessment of the effectiveness of operations. Ethical issues are strongly represented in Laurea's research competence in the field of safety and security.

R&D activities in the Coherent Security Research Programme

  • Provide extensive competences in border and maritime security; rescue operations; risk and crisis management (incl. resilience); hybrid threats; issues related to critical infrastructure and resilience in society; combating radicalisation, extremism and crime; and specific issues related to cyber security and corporate security. The safety and security of educational establishments as well as the development of risk management education and training are also found in the core of our research activities.
  • Produce evidence-based knowledge as well as end user-driven solutions, services and products to enhance the ability of individuals and communities to respond to the needs resulting from social changes and phenomena in a global environment.
  • View safety and security at the level of the individual, community, organisation and society.
  • Collaborate with a large group of stakeholders to understand how we could build a safer society, products and services that take into account the needs of different groups of people.

We are actively involved in several international and national networks operating in the field of safety and security, such as EOS, ECSO, ESDC, PSCEurope, UArctic, the Finnish Water Forum.

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R&D -projects

We are currently running many interesting research projects in the field of Security.

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