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Pedagogy and Co-creation

Laurea's pedagogical projects and RDI projects focus particularly on the challenges of developing higher education. Pedagogical development is aimed at improving teaching content, learning materials, teaching methods, continuous learning, and guidance. Research in learning is oriented towards open learning environments, online learning, and the adoption of new technologies.

In the theme of pedagogy and co-development, there are four key areas:

  • Development of higher education pedagogy and content
  • Aligning the needs of higher education and the workforce
  • Research and development of learning
  • Co-creation with workplace partners

Societal and workforce competency needs continually create new requirements for education. Education is based on workforce competencies, which are used to train highly educated workforce professionals.

Laurea's projects and RDI projects make extensive use of co-creation approaches and service design methods. Co-creation occurs through collaborative work with organisations, municipalities and cities, students, and customers, with the aim of creating customer-centric solutions for services.

Through various research and development activities, we respond to the changing needs of the workforce and the renewal of educators' competencies.

Laurea has many projects focused on pedagogical development. The funding for these projects primarily comes from the Ministry of Education and Culture, the European Social Fund (ESR), and Erasmus programs. Workforce competency needs have been particularly studied in the context of Strategic Research projects conducted in collaboration with the Academy of Finland.


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