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Service Business and Circular Economy

Laurea's expertise in service business and circular economy research and development offers opportunities for businesses, as well as other organizations, to develop responsible and sustainable operations.

A sustainable future requires companies to embrace innovative responsibility and adopt business models aligned with the principles of the circular economy.These challenges prompt a thorough assesment of core business and value added for the company itself, society and nature. Furthermore, responsibility and circular economy practices have a broad impact on various job roles and the required skills, whether it be in services, management, or financial administration.

Laurea  conducts research and development in collaboration with practical stakeholders, where change needs to occur. Our strengths lie in business expertise, ecosystem and collaboration building, digital services, and sustainability development, working together with various stakeholders in challenging environments. Laurea also has extensive experience in developing business models, ecosystems, and network expertise in both domestic and international projects.

Our approach includes co-development, service design, foresight, and the utilization of Living Lab development environments. These are the tools we use to build expertise, generate new knowledge, and develop operations in real-life environments in collaboration with users.

What is service business and circular economy research program


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We have currently many international and national projects ongoing in the field of service business and circular economy.

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