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Health and Wellbeing

Laurea offers students the services of a Councelling psychologist and a Special education teacher to support wellbeing of the student. Our partners Finnish Student Health Service offers student healthcare and municipal congregations offers the services of student priests to all students.


Student well-being refers to an area in well-being that specifically supports studying and being a student. It encompasses a sufficient level of competence, being in control, feeling good about studying, being flexible and interested, and having realistic impressions of your possibilities and prospects as a student. In the face of setbacks, you are able to cope with problems within a reasonable time, and in a way that does not compromise your sense of well-being.

Student wellbeing is actively supported at Laurea

Supporting student well-being is a collective effort for everyone at Laurea. The aim of teachers and other staff is, in their everyday work, to acknowledge and support the well-being of students. For example, there is a student wellbeing group in at every Laurea unit, whose goal is to promote the studies and well-being of students. 

There are several support groups available during every academic year. Previous groups have worked on solving anxiety problems and improved their participants' everyday life and relationship skills.

Health Care

From 2021, students completing a bachelor or master level UAS degree are entitled to the services of the Student Health Care Foundation, or FSHS.

All degree students who are registered for academic term as attending are required to pay a healthcare fee to Kela.

Incoming exchange students, students in open university and students in tailor-made, customer-specific training programmes are not entitled to use the services of the Finnish Student Health Service, and thus they do not have to pay the healthcare fee.

If the FSHS does not offer you health services or provide the service you need, you can turn to public health care in your municipality. Get to know FSHS health services and find the service unit near you.