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Student Counselling and Guidance Services

The main objective of student counselling and guidance service is to support systematic studying and strengthen students' expertise and social integration to Laurea UAS.

During the studies, students will encounter several options regarding course selection, placements, thesis topic, exchange studies and more. Sometimes options and decision making might be difficult. So, lectures and staffs at Laurea give special attention to student counselling and guidance service. The most important tool in academic advising is the competence-based curriculum consisting of contact and virtual studies. Learning environments are accessible also for students with helping equipment, and ethical code of conduct concerns everyone at Laurea UAS. Laurea Library serves Open Access.

Learning method is based on Learning by Developing -philosophy (LbD), which include in addition to theory learning project-based research, development and innovation studies with networking partner companies in the Helsinki metropolitan region and internationally. LbD-methods support students developing competences in broad perspective, entrepreneurship skills and completing a degree in target time.

Study Counselling and Academic Advising

Study counselling and academic advising is available for all student groups: Bachelor's degree and Master's degree students, exchange students and Open University students. The purpose is to support students in different phases of their studies. It comprises of providing guidance for the students in the beginning of their studies, building up their study and learning skills, supporting their competence development and career guidance. Study counselling services are included in the studies. However, students must be active and assume responsibility and discipline for the progress of their studies.

Student counselling and academic advising services include personal, peer and team counselling provided from different sources. The students are supported by their tutor teachers, senior lecturers, the International services, student social counselor and tutor students. A tutor teacher gives advice and guidance in preparing and updating personal study plan (PSP), senior lecturers in substance studies and the International Services in study exchange and work placements abroad. Student social counselor supports on adaptation and learning issues and promoting self-management skills also in complementary study units.

Heads of Student Affairs are responsible for academic guidance in matters of 'out of ordinary', such as returning to the studies after being absent or making a study plan for transfer and open university students.  In addition, the Heads of Student Affairs deal with administrative matters closely related to studies and guidance, such as credit transfer decisions, extensions and re-establishments of study entitlement and acceptance of transfer students.

Heads of Student Affairs

Bachelor degree programmes in English at Leppävaara Campus
Mari Koski

Nursing and Social Services at Tikkurila Campus
Riikka Mulder
Master degree programmes
Eeva-Liisa Pastinen

Career Guidance

Career guidance and planning experts support students in recognizing their personal strengths and weaknesses, their career options and the consequences of these options. Students are guided in identifying their competences and goals in relation to the qualification requirements from working life at global and local levels. These goals are supported by the Network to Get Work events and in the Career planning study unit.

Laurea Student Union and student tutors enhance new students' social and academic integration to Laurea UAS during introduction weeks and through studies by organizing well-being and cultural events. Peer and team guidance is being developed by bringing together students who have similar studying and career goals.

The advisory and support services guide students in all matters related to the studies. Students at Laurea are also supported by other personnel working together at Laurea UAS: Student Affairs Office, student health care, counselling psychologist and university chaplains.

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