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Porvoo Campus

Laurea Porvoo operates in facilities on the Porvoo Campus, located on the west bank of Porvoo. The Porvoo Campus represents a new kind of learning and innovation centre.

Contact details

Taidetehtaankatu 1
06100 Porvoo

Opening hours

Mon-Tue at 7:30 - 20:00
Wed - Fri at 7:30 - 18:00

Lobby service

Phone +358 40 4887444

Student affairs office

+358 9 8868 7600 or +358 400 407755
Opening hours of Laurea's student affairs offices

Opening hours and contact details


There are parking spaces reserved for visitors, students, and staff (sign, Staff only). Visitors can get a temporary one-day paring permit from the Porvoo Campus information desk.
Parking spaces along Taidetehtaankatu are subject to a parking fee. Within walking distance are more free parking spaces, for instance, on a sandy field next to the Hellberg Hall (in front of the S Market). It can be reached via Hevosenkengänkatu.

Shared campus

Local units of the Laurea and HAAGA-HELIA Universities of Applied Science operate on the Porvoo Campus. Together the units form a versatile learning community of about 1200 students. Activities at the campus are based on an open and innovative way of learning and studying. The students and staff have modern technology available to them.

In addition to the universities of applied sciences, the Porvoo Campus also houses the education department of the City of Porvoo, as well as an Amica restaurant, which offers lunch, student lunch, and cafe services.

Degree Programmes

The Porvoo Campus teaches nursing. It is a nurse's job to promote health and prevent disease. In addition to theoretical knowledge and practical skills, an expert in nursing knows how to advise and support both the patient and the patient's loved ones, and knows how to develop his or her own work. Nursing work requires good interactive skills and special precision and care. An important part of professional skill is the mastery of the technology of well-being and anticipating the future of society.
The nursing programme includes plenty of practice in the various environments of social services and health care, and in workplace development projects.

In Porvoo you will have the opportunity to deepen your knowledge and skills in entrepreneurship in the social and health care field, e-health services, and the independent guidance activities of a nurse.
Nurses usually get work in specialised nursing or basic health care, working for both public and private employers. A nursing degree also makes it possible to work in the EU area with no additional training.
In addition, nurses are in demand as experts and consultants in various planning and training tasks. It is increasingly common for an expert in nursing work to set up a company.

Learning environment and library

The Porvoo Campus, which is located on the west bank of the Porvoo River, is the result of a unique planning process, which has involved the users of the school together with the school's designers, architect, and interior designers. This campus is designed to be a place where people meet and learn. This is evidenced by multifunctional, adaptable, open, and well-illuminated facilities, as well as the inspiring and well thought-out interior design.

Designed by Siren Architects, with the interior design by Sistem, the campus represents a new kind of thinking and use of space. Both the activities themselves and the use of the space are reflected in openness and encounters, something that is aimed at promoting the sharing of learning and skills.

Life on the Porvoo Campus is best described as learning and doing things together in projects stemming from the world of work. The Campus is also open daily to the general public, offering a pleasant restaurant, an extensive professional library, and many pleasant meeting places.

The operational concept of the Porvoo Campus includes close collaboration with the businesses. This collaboration is made concrete through, among other things, cooperation in named facilities with companies and organisations (Nimikkotilayhteistyö).
The Porvoo Campus library is shared between Laurea University of Applied Science and HAAGA-HELIA. The collection contains literature and publications in the fields of business, tourism and health. Also in use is an extensive and versatile electronic collection and wireless network to support studies. The library of the Porvoo Campus is a well-lit and peaceful space with computers. Students have teamwork spaces available to them in different floors on the campus, and on the second floor they have a separate work room for quiet work.

Living expenses

As a student in Porvoo you can apply for accommodation through the Porvoo Student Housing association,
As a student you are entitled to discounts in bus and train travel with a shared discount card issued by VR and Matkahuolto, as well as for the HSL travel card (only for students who are permanent residents of the HSL regional ticket zone). 
Meals are arranged by the FazerAmica restaurant. The restaurant on the Porvoo Campus sells lunch at a discounted price for students who show a valid student card or Kela meal subsidy card when paying.