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InternFest, organized in the fall, brings students directly to your open internships to be interviewed. We prepare students for interviews and all you have to do is show up with an open internship!

InternFest – get to know the person first

You will immediately get a more in-depth view of the student applying for an internship. The student, on the other hand, gets directly to the first stage of the job interview and shows what he is like as a person. Competence and motivation will be reviewed as the discussion progresses. After this, you can invite the potential authors to a second interview - after you have first gotten to know the person.

For who?

We invite Laurea's key partners who have open internships at the time of InternFest for students in these fields:

  • Business Management
  • Business Management, Legal competence training
  • Business Information Technology
  • Bachelor's Degree Programme in Safety, Security and Risk Management


A recruitment event where well-prepared students come to be interviewed directly for open internship positions. The time of the internship can be later.


Laurea Leppävaara's campus, lobby
Vanha maantie 9, 02650 Espoo


Thursday 9th of November 2023 from 1 to 4 P.M.
Before the event, the companies are welcome to have lunch with our key partnership managers in the restaurant Flow run by our students.



The participation fee is 300€ (+24% VAT)

Make sure that your company has an intern application open during the event - the time of the internship can be later.
We have many international students at Laurea. Please pay attention to internships in English as well.

Register here


Information about the event

  • Expertice areas of business students 

    Business Management

    • Human Resources
    • Marketing and sales
    • Project management
    • Financial management and finance
    • Property management
    • Business development and data analytics

    Business Management, Legal competence training

    • Protection of interests
    • Foreclosure and collection
    • Financial and debt counseling
    • Compensation processing


    Bachelor's Degree Programme in Safety, Security and Risk Management

    • Planning, development and administration tasks
    • Managerial or supervisory positions
    • Consulting and training
    • Occupational health and safety, safety, risk management

    Business Information Technology

    • Planning, development or administrative tasks
    • Consulting and training
    • Managerial or supervisory positions
    • Customer service
  • Practical information 
    1. Register in Lyyti
      • Reserve in advance:
        • Logo
        • Marketing text
        • Billing information
    2. Publish an internship for a business, law, security or IT students on JobTeaser no later than Friday 13 October 2023. More information about JobTeaser you can find here.
      • Internships are used in marketing the event
      • Students will prepare themselves to discuss internships
    3. Prepare for about 10 minutes of interview discussions with students at the stand
      • Things to be considered:
        • The space is not private, so questions should be considered accordingly
        • A good idea could be to focus on the so-called motivational questions and getting to know the person - not focusing on the experience
        • "Why do you want to work in this field/company/etc.?"
        • "What do you want to learn from this training?"
        • "How does this internship fit into your future plans?"
      • If necessary, teaching rooms are also available for private discussions
    4. Book appointments in your calendar in advance for job interviews after InternFest
      • It would be good for the student to be able to book an appointment themself, once they have received permission (e.g. direct link to the calendar)
    5. Prepare your own marketing materials
      • One table and electricity at your disposal
      • Do you need anything else? Be in touch!
    6. Prepare for arrival in Leppävaara
      • Arrival instructions can be found below on the website

  • Arrival instructions 

    Laurea Leppävaara's address is Vanha maantie 9, 02650 Espoo.

    The free parking spaces in the area can be found near the campus: the parking lot of the sports park or the train station. A more detailed picture of the places below.

    There is a small parking lot near the main campus doors where you can unload and pack your things. However, the car may not be parked there.

    If you cannot find the place, you can call the organizer Olga Kymäläinen, tel. 050 472 8612. If necessary, you can also get help from the Leppävaara campus school hosts, tel. (09) 8868 7402.

    We will meet you right in the campus lobby.

  • Schedule 

    From 11 A.M. to 12:30 P.M.

    Lunch with key partnership managers at the Flow restaurant. Only for registered users.

    From 1 to 4 P.M.

    HarkkaFest - get to know the person first

More information: