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Are you looking for support?

The planning of spring semester studies is topical, as enrolment for the autumn semester studies is open 22-28 May 2023. Did you know that in addition to the support received from the teacher tutor, Laurea offers a wide range of services for both study planning and student well-being issues? Check our tips below. If you have not yet registered for academic year 2023-2024, do it now so that you won't loose your study entitlement.

Abour registration for academic year

You can register via Pakki or using this direct link. You can change your  registration status for the academic year before academic year begins that is latest on 31 July. See student intranet for further information on registration.

If you don’t have an active Laurea user account, which affects the functioning of the links on this website, you should activate it.  More information on activating your Laurea user account can be found here at Laurea’s website.

Don't stay alone thinking about the situation of your studies - support is available

Your personal teacher tutor serves as your local supervisor. You can also turn to the Head of Student Affairs for questions related to your studies. See the contact information fo the Head of Student Affairs on the student intranet.

Pop-up Guidance (in Finnish Poikkeamo) offers help and guidance for any general study related questions you might have. We will help you to think about next steps. You can book an an appointment for discussion on Teams. Read more about Popup Guidance on student intranet here.

You can also book an appointment at one of Laurea's Student Affairs Offices. The Student Affairs Offices give guidance in i.a. questions regarding attendance, Pakki and PSP,  transcript of records and Laurea's user account. You can book the appointment via e-mail. Please find the e-mail address of Student Affairs Offices below:








Different forms of support by topic areas

If you want to assess what kind of support you might need, you can fill an anonymous CREAR questionnaire. By answering the questionnaire you will get information on which aspects off study well-being you might need support with.

The following links will lead to student intranet requiring signing in.

Support for studies

Individual guidance and support

Group support

Support for time management and planning

Individual guidance and support

Group support

Support for Wellbeing

Individual guidance and support

Group support

Support for Career management and Employment

Individual guidance and support

Group support