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Velumma Valtari: “Global Health and Crisis Management was everything I expected and more”

Velumma Valtari chose Laurea because of its interesting degree options.

- There were other interesting degrees as well, but this one - Global Health and Crises Management - seemed the best because of all the conflicts in the world, as well as the international situation and social aspect of crises everywhere. It is always an important area where one can take action, says Velumma Valtari

Valtari has just graduated as a Master of Health Care from Laurea’s Master’s degree programme in Global Health and Crises Management. She began her studies as a path student, and later joined the programme fully as a degree student. Before her master’s studies, Valtari had completed a bachelor’s degree in social work in Brazil. 

Valtari knew she wanted to study further in her field. She chose Laurea because of the interesting degree options, and Laurea’s flexible options also fit her schedule well. 

- The studies in this programme were mind-expanding and really broadened my horizons. 

Blended learning, versatile studies 

Valtari’s studies were of course affected by the COVID-19 pandemic in that eventually nearly everything was implemented in digital mode.  

- It was a positive surprise that working from home worked out so well. Nobody was expecting to move to a fully digital mode, but we got the hang of it, and it was eventually smooth sailing, Valtari says. 

Global Health and Crisis Management is a blended learning degree programme, meaning that there is normally a varying number of contact teaching days in a month and otherwise studying takes place online. In addition to independent online studies, the programme includes seminars with Laurea’s professors and guest lecturers, as well as workshops, presentations, symposiums, and more.  

Studying in the programme was fun for Valtari.  

- We enjoyed being on campus with everybody so much! We got free days from our own working routines to come here and meet everybody. It was amazing – a complete change of dynamic and scenery, Valtari says. 
- And of course, the group of people I studied with was amazing – as were the professors and staff.  

Valtari ended up completing more study units than necessary for her degree.  

- The study units were so interesting – the summer classes and elective studies, and the study units one can choose from outside the degree as well, Valtari lists. 
- The options were so good that I could have studied much longer than those two years. 

“The support we get in Laurea is something I really value” 

Valtari would recommend the degree programme in Global Health and Crises Management to anybody who works in the fields of social work or health care, in case they wish to expand their knowledge and study something interesting and contemporary.  

- These studies are about the reality we live in, and to me it was really mind-opening. This degree broadens one’s horizons on things you had no idea about, Valtari says. 
- You get to talk to professionals who have the expertise in this area, and you see how much you can actually do and affect things for the better, Valtari explains. 

Valtari says the support students get in Laurea is also something she really values.  

- I always got help and support with my studies when I needed it.  
- So yes, I would absolutely recommend both Laurea and this degree. Hands down! 

Student story: Velumma Valtari

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