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Marketing ideas from project cooperation — Shopping Centre Willa

Marketing manager Mia Jantunen tells about working together with Laurea students.

Mia Jantunen

News 6.11.2018

Shopping Centre Willa opened in the centre of Hyvinkää in 2012. It houses approximately 100 shops and two hypermarkets. Mia Jantunen works as the marketing manager of the shopping centre and her job description is very diverse.

Her responsibilities include external marketing, event organisation, internal communication, reporting on sales and visitor numbers to the owners, and a variety of measures to develop the shopping centre.

"We have been working together with Laurea’s student projects since the establishment of the shopping centre, and valuable research work has made it possible to continue cooperation every year. We have jointly conducted a variety of customer surveys, for example, during both regular sales weeks and discount campaigns. Laurea has also conducted preliminary surveys related to the ongoing events at Willa. Based on these surveys, we have launched a completely new event concept, the Senior Strolls, in the shopping centre.

I only have experience in one project so far, but I look forward to working with students in the future. The goal is to continue our cooperation on a regular basis and carry out joint projects every spring and autumn. When it comes to the functioning of cooperation, working with Laurea has been smooth and the agreed ways of working and schedules have held well. The surveys provide us with excellent information and tangible development ideas for supporting the development of marketing, for example.

The shopping centre houses a large number of enterprises, and I believe that successful project cooperation will have a positive impact on employment opportunities at the enterprises."

Marketing manager Mia Jantunen
was interviewed by Oskar Laukkanen

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