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Nokia as key partner for Laurea

Nokia creates technology that helps the world work together.

Design Thinking Lead Miikka Kemppinen (3rd from left) and Head of Technology Center Espoo Vesa Kohtamäki (right) met Laurea's representatives at the Leppävaara campus.

Nokia Corporation and Laurea University of Applied Sciences have agreed on a key partnership. Nokia is a trusted partner in critical networks, committed to innovation and technology leadership in mobile, fixed and cloud networks. 

Nokia has its headquarters in Espoo, and the company employs approximately 6,500 people in Finland. Overall, Nokia operates globally in some 130 countries and had a turnover of EUR 22.2 billion in 2021. 

In recent years, Nokia has recruited a lot in Finland; since 2018, around 2,100 employees have been permanently hired. In addition, Nokia employs some 500 trainees each year. During the past year, Nokia has recruited 400 or so new experts in Finland, most of whom have been employed in the company's research and product development. 

Together with Laurea, Nokia wants to offer students employment paths:

– Through the co-operation, we want to give our students a view of future job opportunities at Nokia. We believe that collaboration with Laurea creates new opportunities for both parties, says Design Thinking Lead Miikka Kemppinen from Nokia.

According to Mr Kemppinen, the starting point for the co-operation was discussions with Laurea graduates: 

– The resulting idea was that we could co-operate more closely with Laurea. Laurea and its students have valuable competence, he says.

The goal of the key partnership is to create systematic, structured co-operation and implement joint projects with students. 

– In this way, we want to promote the discovery of new talents in Nokia's international working environment, where it is possible to develop oneself into a world-class expert, says Head of Technology Center Espoo Vesa Kohtamäki about the objectives of the co-operation.

At Laurea, Regional Service Manager Pia Kiviharju, who is responsible for Nokia's key partnership, is delighted with the collaboration:

– Many of our students are interested in Nokia and career opportunities there. The key partnership provides Nokia with excellent opportunities to create an employer image for future talent through co-operation projects, expert lectures and student presentations, Kiviharju says,  – I believe we can build a brilliant, mutually beneficial partnership.

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