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New publication from business students and lecturers: Benefits from AI in Project-Based Learning and Business Development

Laurea's business students and lecturers wrote a publication that focuses on artificial intelligence (AI).

During the spring, Laurea's business students and lecturers wrote the artificial intelligence (AI) publication "Benefits from AI in Project-Based Learning and Business Development". According to the name of the publication, the work discusses the utilization of AI in Laurea's project management training (P2P) business projects and business development.

Project management is studied at Laurea in projects assigned by Laurea´s key partners and other partners. During the spring, AI was utilized in many different ways "enhanced" in 15 international business projects. The project topics covered, for example, marketing, service design and the internationalization of companies. The projects were part of the Digital Marketing and Sales and Service Design study units.

In the publication, student teams and supervisors share experiences and know-how about utilizing artificial intelligence in business development and projects in a practical way. Therefore, the English-language publication is aimed at everyone who uses artificial intelligence in their work or is interested in using artificial intelligence. The publication includes 17 articles, the writing of which was contributed by a total of 100 Laurea students, exchange students, staff members and also students from the US partner university (Mount St Joseph University).

Toini Sjögren, business management students and of the writers in the publication, describes AI:

– With the project we were able to learn and utilize AI in new ways in several situations that many of our fellow students had not tried before, Toini says. 

– Through trial and error, and we got incredible results by using AI for our project’s final report to our client. When using AI, it is important to remember to check out the output before sharing or passing it on – AI is not yet reliable enough, but humans still have to take responsibility for the outcome.

Laurea's Business Management lecturer Aapo Hollanti encourages teachers and educational institutions to embrace AI:

– I think Laurea's staff grabbed the right moment, the right thing, when AI was included in teaching without prejudice. The students were more than ready for the challenge. One can only warmly recommend other educational institutions and universities join in similar activities, Hollanti says about the current issue of artificial intelligence.

Editor and international mentor Tereza Malíková describes the publication process:

– This publication is a great example of a truly inspiring collaboration of students, teachers and working life partners.  It fostered new experiences and discoveries with AI, and also in the important skills needed for the future – collaboration, critical thinking, and adaptability.  I'm incredibly grateful for the dedication of everyone involved. 

Laurea Business Management lecturer Tero Uusitalo and Tereza Malíková were responsible for editing the publication. Planner Maija Merimaa from Laurea Publications, was in responsible for the layout of the publication.

Download the publication from Theseus

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