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Mehiläinen is Laurea's new key partner

Mehiläinen, a private provider of social and health services, is Laurea's new key partner.

Laurea and Mehiläinen representatives at Tikkurila. Mehiläinen representatives Reetta-Maija Koskinen, recruitment manager (2. on the left), Heidi Koponen, HR specialist (3. on the left) and Anu Kolari, director (4. on the left).))

Mehiläinen, which operates in Finland, Estonia, Sweden and Germany, employs more than 37,000 employees and professionals. Mehiläinen is a respected player in its field with over 100 years of experience. The company serves 2.1 million customers annually through its 840 branches.

Mehiläinen has already cooperated with Laurea in the past, for example on student internships. The new key partnership will enable even closer and more versatile cooperation. In addition, Mehiläinen expects the key partnership to increase the company's visibility among students.

-The cooperation will allow us to become familiar to students in different fields from the very beginning of their studies, and at the same time make visible the different and diverse work and career opportunities we offer at Mehiläinen, says HR specialist Heidi Koponen.

Through the key partner cooperation, Mehiläinen can bring a working life perspective to Laurea's students while also learning something new from the students themselves.

-We hope that cooperation will allow us to bring a working life perspective to the students and learn a lot of new things from them, for example through project partnerships.

For Laurea students, Mehiläinen can offer a comprehensive range of high-quality work and internship opportunities in various fields. In addition to medical centres and hospitals, Mehiläinen employs professionals, for example in its own support services and in units that are part of public health care.

-In addition to healthcare professionals, we also offer job and internship opportunities in our support services, for example for business administration students. You can make extensive use of the skills you have acquired during your studies and develop your own professional skills.

Mehiläinen is one of Finland's largest private employers, with the aim of being the most desirable place to work in the social and health care sector. As cooperation with educational institutions is important to Mehiläinen, the company wants to invest in a good and high-quality internship experience for students.

-Our aim is to be a workplace known for excellent quality, interesting jobs and the best people. At the same time, Mehiläinen aims to be a workplace where everyone feels good. 

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