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How to accept Canvas course invitation

When you receive an invitation to Laurea's course by e-mail, you need to accept the invitation in order to access the course and start your studies. You will find instructions how to accept the invitation below.

It is important that you use the latest and updated browser when working on Canvas to get all functionalities work properly. Canvas usually recommends using Chrome or Firefox.

You will receive the course invitation by e-mail.

Picture 1 Canvas invitation

Picture 1. Canvas course invitation comes to your e-mail.

Click to open the email invitation. To advance, press the blue Get started -button.

View to the invitation

Picture 2. View how the Get started button looks like.

By pressing the Get started -button, you will arrive to the following Canvas view:

View how to accept

Picture 3. View in Canvas and the green accept button

In Canvas, a green bar appears at the top of the page, where you can accept the course invitation. Just press the green Accept -button.

You will then have the opportunity to log in to Canvas with already existing IDs or create a new username for yourself.

Note that you need to accept the enrolment invitation before you can participate.


Picture 4. Create Canvas account


If you already have Canvas IDs, press the I Have a Canvas Account -button. 

Canvas account

Picture 5. View to the button

Then login using your Laurea IDs:

Laurea sign in

Picture 6. Laurea sign in

Id and password

Picture 7. An other view of Laurea sign in  

If you do not already have Canvas IDs, click Create My Account – button in order to create them.

No account yet button

Picture 8. Create account -button

Login using your email address and create a secure password for yourself and press Register.

Password creation

Picture 9. Register button

This will take you to the Canvas course view and you can start completing the course. 

Canvas course

Picture 10. View on Canvas course

If you have trouble signing in, please try clearing your browser’s cache and cookies first, and try to sign in again.

For more information, please contact