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Master's Degree in Future Oriented Project Management

Future Oriented Project Management Program provides you with necessary understanding, capabilities, and skills to renew work and services as well as their processes and outcomes.

Project management, foreseeing the future, and service design are key operating methods in changes. To cater the work-life demands for future and to develop the students’ real-life project management capabilities the teaching in this program goes hand in hand with research, development, and innovation (R&D). The program encourages and directs the students to solve future challenges by developing innovative and exemplary concepts, systems, services, and products.

This said, the program suits particularly to those interested in and committed to developing future project management.

Duration of Studies:  90 ECTS: 1,5 – 2,5 years

Eligibility requirements: 

  • Applicants have completed a Bachelor-level university degree
  • Minimally two years of relevant work experience acquired after graduation

Core competende studies, 30 ECTS 

Project management, 10 ECTS

Student can:

  • Plan, evaluate and develop organization-related, and individual skills in project management
  • Utilize different methods in R&D activities, and in project management
  • Manage a project's finances, communication, and impact
  • Understand and manage processes related to project teams and networks

Service design and co-creation in R&D activities, 10 ECTS

Student can:

  • Apply versatile methods of service design and co-creation
  • Obtain customer understanding in R&D activities
  • Implement development processes in RDI contexts

Futures studies and foresight methods, 5 ECTS

Student can:

  • Adopt relevant literature-related foresight and futures research
  • Utilize futures thinking and foresight as an essential part of project design
  • Monitor, scan, and evaluate megatrends, trends, emerging issues, and weak signals
  • Generate alternative future scenarios of possible, probable, and desirable futures
  • Strengthen futures consciousness and awareness in research and development projects and project work

Perspectives on resilience, 5 ECTS

Student can:

  • Understand and prepare for the concept of resilience
  • Prepare a knowledge-based resilience framework
  • Apply resilience at three different levels: societal, organizational, and individual
  • Deliver a resilience-related project

Complementary Studies in Future-Oriented Project Management

  • Finnish language, 25 ECTS
  • Basic of the Business Analysis' and other business course, 10 ECTS

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