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In short

  • Only students that have completed at least 160 ECTS credits of studies are eligible for applying
  • Studies completed in a Finnish higher education institution give you an eligibility
  • The extent of your studies depends on the studies you have previously completed.
  • At least one semester must have passed since the applicant's study right ended.

  • You can apply and start your studies any time,
  • You will receive a personal tutor that will help you make a plan to finish your degree,
  • The studies you have previously completed and the skills you have acquired in working life will be taken into account in the study plan.

This separate application is intended for applicants who have previously completed at least 160 ECTS credits at a Finnish University of Applied Sciences or University but the studies have since then been interrupted.

You can apply for example if:

  • your studies have been interrupted and you want to complete a bachelor's degree
  • you didn't finish your thesis during your previous studies
  • you have completed 160 credits of studies at any Finnish university (including a university), but your studies have been interrupted

If your studies started in Laurea after August 1st 2015 and your studies have been interrupted, you can apply for restoration of study entitlement through a separate process.

Personal study plan and tutor

After restarting your studies, you will be assigned your own personal tutor, who will help you make a personal study plan. During the planning, you will go through your previous studies and skills that you have acquired otherwise for example in working life or through open UAS courses. Together, you will establish what kind of studies you need in order to finish your degree and graduate. The plan will accommodate your current life situation and can include methods such as work-based learning. In work-based learning you acquire the competence described in your curriculum by doing your work tasks or by participating in other activities that generate competence in line with your degree programme.


You will study utilising blended learning methods that include can distance learning and online learning or on-site studying. If you wish, you can participate in thesis workshops and get guidance on your thesis.

As a student, you enjoy the same social benefits as other students. You can get a student card that entitles you to student discounts. You are also entitled to student health care through FSHS. Please note that you are also charged for the FSHS fee semi-annually during your studies. Services for Laurea students, such as campus libraries, career guidance and student body Laureamko's services are at your disposal.

When you graduate, you can choose to attend Laurea's graduation ceremony.


You can apply through a separate application form in the system. The application is organized as a continuous application so you can apply any time. After filling the application for, you are requested to attach a copy of your official transcript to their application form. You must have at least 160 ECTS credits of studies leading to a degree in the same or equivalent degree programme.

You will also be asked to write a letter of motivation. In the letter, describe your goals for completing the degree and get acquainted with the current curriculum and competence goals.

After you have sent the application, we will contact you in order to set up an application interview, where you can further describe your motivation and ambitions to apply. Your language skills will also be evaluated in the interview. All applicants for Nursing and Social Services programmes in English are are required to have Finnish language skills (level B1). Read more about the levels in the Common European Framework of reference for languages >>

The final decision regarding the study place will be based on the motivation letter, the interview and credits completed. After you have been accepted as a student, you can quickly start completing your studies.

Degree programmes

Here is the list of the programmes available. You can find the application form here.

Degree programme in Social Services
Degree programme in Nursing
Degree programme in Service Business Management
Degree programme in Business Information Technology, Developing Digital Services
Degree programme in Business Information Technology, Cyber Security
Degree programme in Safety, Security and Risk Management
Degree programme in Hospitality Management and Service Design


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Please note that you can apply only if you have previously studied in a Finnish higher education institution and completed over 160 ECTS credits.

Please note that you can apply only if you have previously studied in a Finnish higher education institution and completed over 160 ECTS credits.