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Application process

The next application period for degree programmes taught in English will be announced later. – the national higher education application system in Finland

Students of the Laurea’s degree programmes conducted in English are selected through the Finnish national application system for higher education. The online application form is open during the application period and closes on the last application day at 3 PM. Applicants can apply to a maximum of six degree programmes in Finland using just one application form. The student admissions for Universities of Applied Sciences (UAS) follow the selection criteria decided on yearly by the UAS for the joint national application.

To fill in the application, go to > Select the joint application form found on the bottom of the page (the form is open only during the application period).

Each applicant may have only one active application form per application period. The application period for degree programmes taught in English took place in 3rd - 17th January 2024.

You can fill in only one application form containing a maximum of 6 options. Fill in all your contact information into your application form with great care so that the admissions services can contact you when necessary. Before filling in the application form, please take a moment to read through all the information regarding the application process, required certificates, entrance exams and student selection methods.


Application process

The application process in a nutshell:

  1. Familiarise yourself with the degree programmes content and their selection criteria
  2. Fill in the application form during the application period at the application portal‚Äč
  3. Upload any required certificates to your application form by the deadline
  4. Participate in the entrance exam
  5. Wait for the results of student admission
  6. Accept the offered study place and pay the tuition fee (if applicable)
  7. Begin studies


Fill in the application form

Fill in the application form at during the application period. Logging in to the My Studyinfo service is not required for filling in the application form. In your application form you can choose a maximum of 6 degree programmes to apply for from Universities and Universities of Applied Sciences in Finland.  There is no fee required for filling in the application form. Please note each applicant can have a maximum of one active application form per application period. If you submit more than one application form, your newest application form is active and the older application forms will be deleted.

Upload all required education certificates to your application form.  An official translation of your certificate is also required if it is not issued in English, Finnish or Swedish. You can make changes to your application form during the application period by either logging into the My Studyinfo service with Finnish banking codes or you can use the link to your application form which is found in the confirmation e-mail message sent to you after submitting your application. For other changes which are not possible to do via My Studyinfo -service or via the e-mail link, please send them by email to the Admissions Services of your highest choice UAS.


Notification of results

Admission to Laurea degree programmes in English is based (depending on the degree programme) on the result of the entrance examination or SAT Test results. The notification of results for the spring 2024 application period will be published latest by 31st May 2024.

If you are a non-EU/EEA citizen and you are required to pay tuition fees, you will also receive the payment instructions for the tuition fee together with the notification of conditional admission. Admission is conditional until your eligibility to apply has been checked and the tuition fee payment has been received by Laurea. If your status changes and you are no longer required to pay tuition fees, you can submit the documentary evidence (residence permit/passport) to Laurea Admissions in order to cancel the tuition fee. This should be done as soon as the notification of admission has been received but latest before the deadline for confirming the study place.

Confirm your study place

To accept the study place offered in the spring application period, you must confirm your study place before 11th July 2024 15:00. If you do not confirm your study place by the given date, you will forfeit your right to enrol in the degree programme. Applicants can confirm the offered study place via the My Studyinfo -service (Finnish bank codes required). Applicants without access to Finnish banking codes can make the study place confirmation via a link received by e-mail.

When you confirm a study place, you will not be considered a first-time applicant in the future application periods. Quotas for first-time applicants apply only to degree programmes taught in Finnish.

After you have confirmed your study place, you have to also register your attendance for the academic year as present or absent. If you are a non-EU/EEA student and you are required to pay the tuition fee, you will be registered as present for the academic year only after you have paid the tuition fee for the first academic year. For tuition fee paying students the registration for the academic year is valid only after payment of the tuition fee for the said academic year has been completed. Failure to pay the tuition fee or failure to register your attendance for the academic year results in loss of study entitlement at Laurea.

Reserve list and supplementary application periods

If an applicant selected for admission cancels his/her study place, the next student in the degree programme's reserve list can be selected. The reserve list number is indicated in the Notification of Results letter. Admission from the reserve list in the spring application period 2024 is possible until 30th July 2024. 

Laurea may arrange a supplementary application period for degree programmes if the study places have not been filled. Any supplementary application periods will be announced on this page and also at

Begin your studies

In the spring 2024 application, the studies begin in August /September 2024. If you apply in the autumn application period, the studies begin in January. The starting dates and other information for new students will be published on the New Students pages. 

Practicalities for international students

  • Visas and Residence Permits 

    You need a residence permit for Finland if you are not an EU/EEA citizen and you are coming to Finland to study for over 90 days. Please note that studying in online degrees does not require a residence permit to Finland.

    If your studies require travel to Finland, the residence permit application must be made from the local Finnish diplomatic mission immediately after receiving the notification of admission. The earlier the better in order to avoid delay in beginning studies. The Finnish Immigration Service provides new students with a Notice for Degree students which contains information about the residence permit application process. The notice is provided together with the notification of admission.   

    Health insurance is a mandatory requirement for obtaining a residence permit for studies. Students applying for an extension of to their residence permit must also have valid health insurance. Please see the Finnish Immigration website for examples of recommended insurance companies for students.

    Please note that processing of immigration documents (visa/residence permit application) requires several weeks. For more information on the visa requirements contact the nearest Finnish or other EU-member state Embassy representing Finland in visa matters.

    Information regarding residence permit application provided by the Finnish Immigration Service website:

    > Finnish Immigration Service information for students
    Student: how to speed up the processing of your resident permit application
    Checklist for students applying for a residence permit

  • Living in Finland 

    The Laurea degree programmes in English are offered in Laurea Leppävaara in city of Espoo and Laurea Tikkurila in city of Vantaa. Both campuses are easy to reach by local train connections. Laurea Leppävaara is about 7 minutes walking distance from Leppävaara train station and Laurea Tikkurila is located right next to the Tikkurila train station. The travelling duration by local trains from Helsinki to Leppävaara (local trains E, U, L, A) or from Helsinki to Tikkurila (local trains R, Z, K, I) is about 15-20 minutes each. The local train connections make both campuses easy to reach when travelling to/from the Helsinki-Vantaa airport.

    Students need to cover their living costs themselves. Laurea does not have its own student dormitories or other housing for students. Students are responsible for acquiring accommodation for the studies. Student accommodation is available with student housing associations and companies close to most Laurea local units. HOAS, the Foundation for Student Housing in the Helsinki Region, provides student housing predominantly in the Helsinki metropolitan area. To qualify for housing, the tenant must be a full-time degree student, be entitled to financial aid and their place of study must be located in the Helsinki metropolitan area (Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa and Kauniainen). 

    More information about  HOAS student housing

    General information about cost of living, accommodation and other practicalities about living in Finland

Tuition fees and scholarships

Tuition fees are only for non-EU/EEA area citizens who have been selected to degree programmes taught in English.

Read more about tuition fees and scholarships for non EU/EEA students

Living in Finland

General information about living and studying in Finland.

Read more about living in Finland