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Business Management alumna Thao has her future planned out

Thao Le dreams of a career in marketing and training.

Thao Le from Vietnam is determined to become a marketing professional. In the future, she dreams of being able to combine marketing and training in her work:

— I did similar work in Vietnam and enjoyed it a lot. After graduation, I would love to continue from where I left off, Thao says.

Aiming for a career in marketing

Thao graduated from Laurea in December 2019. At Laurea, her major subject was marketing. The selection of her major subject was clear to Thao from the beginning of her studies:

— I am extremely interested in marketing, and I want to have a career in it, she explains.

During her studies, Thao’s plan was to head straight to working life after graduation. However, the possibility of advancing her competence in further studies led her to consider other possibilities. 

— I took a look at the different options, and my group supervisor tipped me off about the possibility of applying for Master's studies at a university once I completed my degree. I decided to apply to Hanken School of Economics, where I am currently studying marketing, Thao explains.

Thao sees a clear difference between studying in Finland and her time as a student in Vietnam:

— In Vietnam, studying and homework took more time. When I studied at Laurea, I also seemed to have leisure time. Studying here is very different.

She remembers her teachers with particular warmth:

— I often think of my group supervisor and thesis supervisor. They were the most dedicated teachers I've ever met. They gave me a lot of help during my studies and placement, and thanks to them everything went smoothly. I really appreciate them, Thao smiles.

"You must have opportunities for trying out different things”

— I found the placement during my studies really useful. During a placement you get to combine theoretical learning and practical skills, says Thao.

She says she enjoys the Finnish work culture:

— In Finland, people are much more direct and say things straight out. I think it makes working much easier. You can always get help if you ask.

Thao's current wish is to complete her Master's studies and find the job of her dreams:

— One of my goals is to graduate on time. In second place, I dream of finding a job in my own field.

She encourages students to bravely try out different things and take their time looking for their own path:

— I don't think you need to know what you want straight away. You must have opportunities to try out different things that interest you. If you don’t try, you will never know. My advice to everyone is that you should set specific goals. Once you are clear about them, it is easier to plan what you need to do to achieve them.

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