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Anna, Business Management alumna: "Soft skills are important in working life”

Anna Grinberg enjoys the freedom of entrepreneurship and dreams of an academic career.

Anna Grinberg from Germany graduated from Laurea in 2016. Since then, she has worked as an entrepreneur, founded an organisation and started writing a book. Next she dreams of doctoral studies.

Originally, Anna came to Finland for family reasons. She had studied the law in her home country Germany, but she had to interrupt her studies for a while when she moved to Finland. After some time the idea of studying began to attract her, however, and Anna decided to apply to Laurea for a place in Business Management studies.

— I selected Business Management studies at Laurea because I had already got to know this field while I was working, Anna explains.

"Laurea makes room for all kinds of ideas”

Anna studied in the degree programme in Business Administration and Management, which she completed in two years. What she finds best about Laurea is the number of opportunities offered to students in different projects. This is why Anna recommends that students always seize all opportunities they come across:

— Students can participate in as many projects as they want. If you feel that none of the projects are suitable for you, it is always a good idea to ask. Laurea always grasps good ideas, and students are given the resources to carry them out as far as possible. Laurea makes room for all kinds of ideas. 

Anna is currently completing her Master's degree at Hanken School of Economics, where she returned to her legal studies:

— Business Management studies lay a good foundation for immersing myself in business law. After graduation I hope I can continue my academic career as a doctoral student and researcher, she dreams.

Many irons in the fire

Together with her husband, Anna owns and runs a small company. She says that entrepreneurship comes to her naturally:

— I have been surrounded by entrepreneurs all my life. I also have experience of ordinary paid work, but I prefer the freedom and control that entrepreneurs enjoy in their work.

Anna finds that the most challenging aspect of entrepreneurship is being your own boss:

— No-one is going to tell you to work. On the other hand, this is also the best thing about it. I enjoy the fact that my only bosses actually are the customers, Anna laughs.

Anna believes that learning soft skills is the key to success in working life. To promote this way of thinking, she co-founded the Work & Life Skills association. The organisation works to promote international communication, e-service use and public speaking skills and to educate people about the importance of soft skills:

— We want to teach the soft skills that are needed in all aspects of life. In the future, I hope that we could provide support and training for young people who are at the beginning of their careers.

Anna also emphasises the importance of soft skills in the book she is writing:

— Public speaking is the most important one of all soft skills. My dream is that the book would be published and I could hold the final result in my hands.

There is one job-seeking tip Anna would like to share with students:

— My general advice to all young people is that you should get to know the operation of the company in which you are applying for a job as well as possible. You don't have to tell the company how good they are – they already know. Instead, you should tell them about your competence and the added value you of all people could bring them.

Learn more about Annas story from the video:

Alumni Story

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