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Laurea launches separate application procedure for nursing studies for people with an immigrant background

In the separate application procedure, open from 25 July to 15 August, study places are available in language-supported nursing education. The courses will start in October 2024.

This summer, on 25 July–15 August, Laurea will organise a separate application round for nursing education targeted at applicants with an immigrant background (read more in Finnish). The studies that start in October 2024 are in Finnish, but learning Finnish will also be supported during the studies. The studies are implemented as daytime studies on the Tikkurila campus.

Demand for Nurses in Uusimaa

For the first time, Laurea is organising a separate application round for nursing students with an immigrant background. This year, Laurea has offered a record number of study places for nursing education. The aim is to respond to the increasing shortage of experts in the social services and health care sector, which is particularly pressing in Uusimaa.

– The separate application procedure is ideal for applicants with a background as practical nurses who wish to study further and become nurses, says Director Salla Seppänen, who is responsible for the Nursing degree at Laurea.

Previously, Laurea has organised education for immigrants that prepares students for studies at a university of applied sciences (VALME training). The best students from the VALME groups were selected to continue their studies in Nursing and Social services.

– Last time, the training had attracted a large group of students, so there is much interest in studies at universities of applied sciences, Seppänen describes.

Language support throughout studies promotes integration into employment

Teaching in the courses is in Finnish, so applicants are required to have at least level B1 competence in Finnish. During their studies, however, students are supported in learning Finnish, even if their Finnish language skills are better than B1.

– Language support is tightly integrated in the education. The S2 teacher will be there to support the students throughout their studies, also during work placements, says Salla Seppänen.

The aim of the training is to support students with an immigrant background in their integration into Finnish employment. Strengthening language skills plays an important role in this.

– Students are also supported by our teachers' strong multicultural competence, Seppänen continues.
– In addition, Laurea has a large number of international nursing students, and Laurea's English-language nursing programme celebrated 30 years of Laurea's English-language nursing education this spring.

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