Information for International Students

Laurea’s six Bachelor programmes and two Master programmes in English and active student mobility cooperation attract international students from around the world to come study at Laurea. International students enjoy the friendly atmosphere and community feeling, as well as the working life orientated, competence building studies. 


Exchange Student’s Experiences at Laurea

I really can't put all my experiences in one short story, but I will try. Beginnings are always difficult, but as long as you are open to new people and new experiences, everything will be alright. The interns (in my case) at Laurea all have the intention to combine work with fun activities and to have new international friends. And you will meet new friends! :) Everything is well organised, you can basically ask everyone for help if you need any. The language was an obstacle for me, that's why I started following Finnish classes. I do have to say Finnish people speak English very well, so you will 'survive' anyhow. The country is more expensive than I expected, but you will get used to it soon enough. Laurea's facilities concerning food and drinks are good, and quite cheap for students as well. Housing was arranged by HOAS, which was ok. I lived with 2 other girls and we shared a kitchen and bathroom. The location was quite good, 15 minutes by train to Laurea Leppävaara. I think that is about it. But I suggest you come and experience it all yourself! Enjoy.”

For me it was the best experience I've lived so far. I liked the mix of cultures that had in college: German, English, Finnish, Chinese, Polish ... The start of school was somewhat difficult at first because my English was not very good, anyway, the dedication of teachers, as well as the support of university staff and students themselves, made my period adaptation was quite short and before long he was already fully integrated. While in Finland I could travel to Stockholm, Estonia, Russia ... and meeting places as beautiful as Lapland. In Finland I felt very comfortable and met many people.”

“Laurea is really good school. Laurea gives you more than you need. I like the Laurea, because it can teach you how to work in group with people from all the World and how to use knowledge from the subject and realize the knowledge in group.”

“I loved staying in Finland, especially when the summer is coming. The lectures are interesting and the relation with teachers is really close, there is almost no power distance between students and teachers. I also liked system of working, lots of assignments lots of working in teams. The host institution took good care of us, they arrange our accommodation, and also tutors were in great importance to me, they organized lots of trips and other things so my life here was never boring. Thanks to all.”

“This exchange programme is very good. Everybody should do it and make their own experience. Every exchange will be totally different but I think it is always good. Actually you decide what it will be like with your attitude. Be opened to new things. It will never be like at your home university, but isn't this the reason why you do it? Come and find out how different it can be in a different country. Explore something new! Finland is the right place to come!”