Study Provision

Laurea offers Bachelor's and Master's degree programmes in ‎Finnish or English. In addition, students are able to complete specialisation studies or individual studies through the ‎Open University of Applied Sciences.‎

Degree programmes for young people (day-time studies)‎

Bachelor's degrees are designed for young people who have graduated from secondary education and the studies are ‎implemented as day-time studies.‎

Degree programmes for adults (blended learning)‎

Bachelor's degrees are also on offer as blended learning designed for adults. The studies are recommended for ‎people who are interested in studying while working.‎

Bachelor's degree for adults are delivered only in Finnish at the moment.‎

Master's degrees

Master's degrees encompass blended learning for adults who have completed a Bachelor's degree, and the studies can ‎be completed while working. Applicants should have at least three years of work experience.‎

Specialisation studies

Specialisation studies comprise professional supplementary and further education. Specialisation studies can be ‎completed while working, and their scope is approximately 30 credits.

At the moment the specialisation studies in English are not open for application. ‎

Open University of Applied Sciences

Studies at the Open University of Applied Sciences are open to everyone without age limits or basic study requirements. ‎You can study while working, develop and update your professional skills or include the studies in a subsequent ‎degree.‎

Further information on the Open University of Applied Sciences