Master Programmes in English

In addition to the Bachelor’s degrees, Laurea University of Applied Sciences also offers Master’s degree programmes in English.

The online application form for the Laurea Masters programme will be available on this page during the next application period in March - April 2015. Applicant's eligibility to apply wil be determined by the admissions office based on the applicant's education and work certificates that arrive by the deadline. Please read through the general selection criteria and work experience requirements and information about entrance exams.

Tuition fee for non-EU/EEA citizens

The Laurea Master's Degree Programmes conducted in English have tuition fees that apply to those students who are not EU/EEA citizens. However, the tuition fee does not apply to persons who are citizens of countries in the EEA or persons who are treated as EU citizens by agreement by the EU and the country of which the person is a citizen, and also the family members of such persons. The tuition fee is also not applicable to persons who have an EU Blue Card as stipulated in the Aliens Act, an indefinite (type A) or permanent (type P) residence permit, an EEA residence permit for third-country citizens with long-term residence, or family members thereof. Family membership is defined as stipulated in the Aliens Act.

The tuition fee is 3 750€/term (7 500€ /academic year), but one has an opportunity to apply for a Laurea's scholarship.


Scholarship prerequisites

A scholarship scheme which covers the tuition fee for the second and third terms is available. The scholarships are meant for those paying students who show good results in their studies, i.e. the number and level of the ECTS credits, during the first and second semester. A free form application for the scholarship together with the transcript of records must be submitted to the Unit Director for each semester not later than 10 January for the spring semester and 10 September for the autumn semester.


Collection of fee

The fee, i.e. 3 750€ per semester, must be paid at the same time when the student confirms the study place received. The tuition fee for the autumn semester must be paid by 30th July  at 16:15 Finnish time. The tuition fee for spring semester must be paid by 11 December at 16:15 Finnish time.


Application information for Masters programmes in Finnish.